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The Brethren and Pirates of Islas Cuevas I

INTRO: The Brethren and Pirates of Islas Cuevas I 

My Painting for my Book and Game "The Brethren and Pirates of Islas Cuevas"

In 1664, atop a huge outcropping rock that towered above the waves below, was a cave hidden high above, where our band of orphan brethren lived. We were just a few of the orphans of Islas Cuevas - those survivors of the wars between the buccaneers, pirates and Spanish. We also considered ourselves Brethren of the Coast, along with those others who lived such wild and independent lives in the Caribbean. There were six brethren in Gilberto's Clan - Henry, Alexander, Maria, Philip, Ben and myself -  Christopher. Eight, if you counted Poppy the dog and Jako the parrot. And there was Don Gilberto too, Maria's uncle who became like a father to us. He took great interest in helping us when he was home from his travels abroad. Henry was French, Alexander and myself were English, Ben was Scottish and Maria and Philip were Spanish. And despite the fact that we all came
Mm from different backgrounds, our need for companionship and survival brought us together.

This is the story that I, Christopher, have written about our curious lives. Now as I had come outside for the hourly watch, I could not help but notice how the strong sea breeze whistled past my ear as I looked out over the high cliff at the crashing waves below. All was clear. I would return and give word to the others. No pirates or buccaneers were in the area but my musket was loaded at my side just in case.*

Look for the next entry of The Brethren and Pirates of Islas Cuevas to read the rest.

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*This is a fictional work

Copywritten by Albion Derbyshire 2014


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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Kayaking Pirate Drinks Hot Chocolate at Sea!

Even the afterglow had almost faded. The waves began to move the kayak up and down on the swells as I got closer to the sea. Passing the last tip of land, the Malibu Mountains presented themselves in a deep purple - about ten miles away across the dark sea. The sky was this mysterious dark blue and purple blend, mixed in with a tint of gold right above the water where the afterglow was quickly fading. I sat still on kayak, entranced by the beauty of the moment. About thirty minutes before this - while there was still light - I had left my slip in my kayak all ready to row out to sea. I had donned my life jacket and had a flashlight ready too - for when it got dark. I also had packed a bucket full of odds and ends at the back of the kayak behind my seat. Passing the tall sail ship 'Spirit of Dana Point', I had then headed for the shallows along the channel. At that time the sun had been setting but I had still seen all the shells and rocks below the surface of the water as I rowed above them. Soon I had kayaked almost all the way to the ocean and was near the breakwater. Now here I sat bewitched by the magic feeling of the sea and the mountains and sky. I couldn't resist raising my hands to God and thanking him!

Eventually I got moving again and paddled the double oar out into the bumpy waves. When out past the
breakwater, I paddled hard into the westward bound swell. I have to say, I have a fear of sharks being at sea in such a small boat (especially at night!) and for this reason, I don't like to stay out at sea for too long. So I went out a little ways - just far enough to get a good 'line up' of waves to 'surf' the kayak back into the harbor on! Then I turned the kayak as quickly around as I could to head back. At this turn, it is a little dangerous because for a moment or two, you find yourself broadsides to the waves. But after a successful turn, the next few minutes were exhilarating as I paddled with ferocity to keep atop the waves as they ran fast behind me. Soon white water ran below the kayak as the momentum kicked in and I began to surf! When I got in to a place where the marina and the sea met, I decided to rest, ride the waves out and have a hot cup of chocolate and watch the final light of day completely vanish. Taking out my thermos and cup and a packet of Hershey's hot chocolate (which I kept in the fishing bucket behind my seat), I then poured the hot water into my cup with the chocolate. Mmm! It tasted great! There's nothing like being warmed up from the inside out while its cold outside - and when you're surrounded by beauty. I can't say I ever remember being so close to the moving waves and drinking hot chocolate before! I mean, its great to have a warm drink aboard my sailboat too - but it definitely does not have such a feeling of vulnerability.

So when I was done, I headed back down the channel, stopping at some rocks that had an amazing little 'anchorage' of sorts for my kayak. There, a giant flat slab of rock lay just above the waters edge, with a little 'inlet' between two boulders to bring the kayak into. I enjoyed stopping there for a few moments - I guess for no other reason than because it sparked my imagination and made me feel like a kid again! As I then left there and continued on down the channel, I came across the 'Spirit of Dana Point once more - except this time only the stern lights inside the Captains Cabin were on - appearing like a scene from 'Pirates of the Carribean'! So I endulged the kid in me again and took some pictures with hope to show them off on my 'Pirate Albie' blog! (Which I did, and if you're interested to see that its: or click on my 'pirate' picture below :-)
Upon oaring my way (with great quietness) around the ship, I then made my way back to my sail boat slip and brought the kayak up on the dock. My night of adventure was over and I was thankful to have been out there and to have seen all the wonderful things and to be at my nice warm sailboat once more!

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cap'n s Off Watch.

I'm off watch right now me hearties. So betide yourselves to wait till I've 'ad me dinner an' a good nights rest will ya. Tomorra' you'll get your duties - it'll be soon enough. Now up the mast with ye and don't come down till breakfast.

Shiver Me Timbers! You'll Stop at Nothing To Beat Me Down.

Shiver Me Timbers! You'll Stop at Nothing To Beat Me Down.
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